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Inkjet or Laser?

That is often the first question we are asked. The answer is not as easy! It depends on what you are doing.

For most small businesses a good quality inkjet that uses the latest inkjet technology is a good way to go, they are not expensive and can print up to 20 pages per minute, the refills of the inkjet cartridges are inexpensive as long as you choose a printer that uses headless cartridges. With these type of printers the print head is a separate unit and you only pay for the ink each time you replace or refill them.

For larger businesses that print a lot of documents a laser printer is probably what you need, good quality laser printers are not cheap but the cost per page when you amortise the upfront cost with the cost of toner refills is lower.

We can come to your business and give you a free unbiased opinion on which way to go


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