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So, what is this “CLOUD” thingy?

The IT business is very quick to cook up some new catchphrase or acronym, expecting everyone to immediately understand what the heck it means!

To put it simply, “CLOUD” means anything that is connected via the internet, whether its email or a website or data storage, it’s nothing new, except business and home users now have many new and exciting ways to use internet or “cloud” based applications. Mainly as a result of large corporations like Amazon and Apple and Microsoft making available space on their servers for users to store their own data.

What is now evolving are many more opportunities to share data between users. Companies that have lots of mobile staff especially benefit from being able to keep their mobile users in touch on a real time basis.

BUT, there are some things you need to be aware of.

Firstly, security is a major factor when using “cloud” based applications, we can help you to ensure that you are compliant with local regulations and that your data is secure.

Secondly, not all data should be entrusted to internet based storage, your client data for example, you are ultimately responsible for its safety and security and entrusting it to a third party does not necessarily relieve you from that responsibility.

You need to ask questions about where the data is stored and not assume that it is automatically secure. Most major providers like Microsoft will give you a written guarantee as to the security of your cloud based storage.

If you need help with this kind of issue just call us! We’re here to help.


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