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Don’t get hacked!

We can help you to make the most critical decisions to ensure your data is secure and that your system or network has the best in class security. It is no longer good enough to just trust one type of security software. You need multiple safeguards to make sure you are secure.

Beware of bogus calls from so called “Microsoft” help desks, Microsoft do NOT call people to tell them they have a virus! Nor are they interested in remotely connecting to your PC. We get many calls from people who have been duped by these hackers. They are after your private data!!

Be very vigilant about random calls from unknown people

Don’t just rely on an Anti Virus program to protect you. There are other forms of malware you need protection from. Call us for help.

Make sure your network users are securing their personal data and the data of clients!

It’s very easy to lose track of data that is sensitive and we can help to secure this type of data in encrypted form, so even if it is compromised it cannot be read or used.


Do you know what other users on your system are doing?

If you deal with lots of emails and have other users on the system, you need to have control software that prevents users from visiting malicious sites or potentially threatening phishing scams. We can help you with this!


Protect your data from disasters!

It’s very easy to have blind trust in some of today’s technology because it is very reliable! However consider what might result from a flood, fire or severe weather.

You need to protect your equipment with backup power and surge prevention. But also protect your data with backups, see our backup page for more on this

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